• Integrated depositional and diagenetic models of carbonate reservoirs, sequence stratigraphy, biostratigraphic support and regional synthesis.  Seismic interpretation, log correlation, core description, cutting analysis, thin section description and advanced diagenetic studies to support carbonate reservoir characterization and evaluation; patterns in distribution of reservoir properties.
  • Leadership in karst studies (meteoric, thermal mixing, thermobaric).  Studies on different types of unconformities, paleokarst and associated products and their impact in reservoir properties, from seismic stratigraphy to petrologic techniques.

  • Extensive experience in Pre-Salt carbonates of Brazil, Angola and Kazakhstan.
  • Depositional and diagenetic aspects of Tertiary carbonate reservoirs in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Middle East and SE Asia.

  • Diagenetic evolution from deposition to production, fingerprints of the Petroleum System.  Fracture fill diagenesis.

  • Advisor to exploration and development teams, supervisor; presentations in technical meetings, quality control.

  • Wide range of projects, ranging from Mesoproterozoic to Tertiary.

  • Public and proprietary training courses and field seminars; lecturer