Dr. Erika Szalai-Juhász

(PhD 1995 Hungarian Academy of Sciences;
MSc 1978 Eötvos Loránd University Budapest)

2003-present    Founder, Administrator and Consulting Geologist of Szalai Grup S.L., Mallorca, Spain
1998-2003:    Consulting Geologist in Carbonates International S.L., in  Mallorca, Spain.
1992-1997    Manager of the Basin Analysis and Hydrocarbon Assessment Project in Geological Survey of Hungary , Senior Research Scientist.

1986-1991    Chief of the Sedimentological Department of the Geological Survey of Hungary.
1982-1986    Research Scientist in the Bauxite Research Department, Geological Survey of Hungary.

1995    Diploma in Management Studies, Oxford Brookes University, England
1990-1992    Research Scientist in the IGCP-287 project of UNESCO on the correlation of Mesozoic and Cenozoic bauxites and in the Tethys region.
1992    Geology and evolution of karst system in the Buda Mountains, Hungary. PHARE 134/II Project of the Environmental Protection Agency of the European Community.
1991    Visiting Scientist in the Bureau of Economic Geology of the University of Texas in Austin, and the US Geological Survey, in St. Petersburg, Florida USA:  
1990    Visiting Scientist in the Postgraduate Research Institute for Sedimentology de University of Reading, England; carbonates and paleokarst.

Selected most cited publications:
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